gold plated jewelry

Elevate Your Style: Tips for Caring for Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is a timeless and trendy addition to any jewelry collection. It blends the elegance of genuine gold with affordability, making it a popular choice for many modern women. Whether you have a Sunburst Star Necklace or any gold-plated piece, taking proper care of your gold-plated jewelry can help it last longer and keep its luster. In this article, we'll share best practices for cleaning and caring for gold-plated jewelry, so you can elevate your look and shine with Love Me Accessories.

gold plated jewelry

Elevate your look and shine with Love Me Accessories affordable gold-plated jewelry.

First Things First: Understand Gold Plating

Gold plating involves bonding a thin layer of gold onto a base metal, such as copper or brass, which forms the jewelry piece. While genuine gold is durable, gold plating is more susceptible to wear and tear, being easily scratched or chipped. With proper care and handling, however, gold-plated jewelry can last for years.

Invest in a Microfiber Cloth

The easiest and safest way to clean your gold-plated jewelry is by using a microfiber cloth. This soft cloth gently removes any dirt or oils that may have accumulated on the jewelry surface. Remember to be gentle when rubbing the jewelry, as being too rough can cause the plating to come off. Love Me Accessories include free microfiber cloth with a purchase of any item available in our store as our special gift to you.

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When you invest in Love Me Accessories' Elevated Basics Collection, you not only elevate your style, but you also receive the gift of a complimentary cleaning cloth. This thoughtful addition ensures that your jewelry remains radiant and ready to shine at all times.

Embrace your unique sense of style, explore new possibilities, and amplify your look with Love Me Accessories. Elevate your style and enjoy the confidence that comes with owning breathtaking jewelry, all while receiving a complimentary cleaning cloth to keep your treasures shining bright.

gold plated jewelry

Be Mindful of Chemicals

To avoid damaging your gold plated jewelry, keep it away from any harsh chemicals, including cleaning agents, perfumes, and hairspray. These substances can cause the plating to fade or corrode over time. Before putting on your jewelry, ensure that any lotions, makeup, and other beauty products are fully absorbed into your skin to prevent any chemical reactions.


Remove your gold-plated jewelry when engaging in activities that can cause excessive sweating or bring it into contact with water - like swimming or showering – as these can cause the plating to wear off faster.

Proper Storage Matters

Storing your gold-plated jewelry properly is just as important as cleaning it. Store each piece individually in a soft velvet or suede pouch or a jewelry box lined with a soft fabric. When storing multiple pieces together, make sure they don't rub against each other, as this can cause scratches and damage to the plating. We want you to enjoy your jewelry as long as possible. With a purchase over $75 on our site we will include a free velvet pouch to store your items to enhance the longevity of your jewelry.

Clean and Care for Your Sunburst Star Necklace

Our Sunburst Star Necklace is a chic and elegant addition to any jewelry collection. The delicate design and crystal-encrusted star motif make it a statement piece, suitable for any occasion. To clean it, gently rub the surface with a microfiber cloth to ensure it retains its luster. Keep it away from water, sweat, and chemicals to prevent any damage.

Clean and Care for Your Gold-Plated Jewelry

Our unique collection is made up of essential pieces that complement any style. The gold-plated bracelets are designed for all-day wear and can help add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. To clean your bracelets, gently wipe them with a microfiber cloth and store them in individual pouches to prevent scratching. Be careful when wearing them during physical activities to ensure they don't get damaged.

In conclusion, proper care and maintenance of your gold-plated jewelry is crucial to ensuring its longevity and beauty. Follow our tips for cleaning, storage, and mindful usage, and you'll be able to keep your Sunburst Star Necklace in top condition. Above all, remember to embrace your individuality and style with confidence. With Love Me Accessories, you can elevate your look and feel empowered through the art of accessorizing.

The Love Me Accessories Difference

At Love Me Accessories, we provide you with the highest quality accessories that inspire confidence, self-love, and creativity in fashion. Our carefully curated collection embodies timeless elegance and contemporary flair, allowing you to explore and illuminate your unique sense of style. Each piece is lovingly crafted with attention to detail and designed to make you feel empowered and exceptional.

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